SM Aftermath

Since taking CAP 105 my view on social media has changed in a negative way. I used to think that it was primarily about normal people making connections and keeping in contact with those who may not be near anymore. However, I have come to realize that social media has expanded far beyond just personal communications and is now more about orchestrating a presence online in order to improve one’s brand or self-image. In fact most companies have even implemented tactics that aid users to make their platforms into integral points of their business plans. Twitter, for instance, made sure that advertisements are among the first to appear when someone searches anything when using their search engine. (Bernoff, 2010) Because of these additions Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become prime sources of advertising right underneath people’s noses. It has made something personal into a business.

Social media is not the personal communication sources that people like it believe. It is almost all pre-orchestrated, pre-planned, and analyzed in order to create shares, likes, and retweets. Almost nothing is truly genuine on social media. It is all analyzed on a scale and made into data in order to make the next post better and more efficient. This in itself is a problem because there is no definite way to measure if a post is successful or not. There are simply too many metrics and factors to consider (Baer, 2014).  These metrics are what our social media lives are based on whether we realize it or not. It is not creativity or passion that determines what is in our social media feeds. It is numbers.

The other major impact that social media has many had is the way in which it has changed how people get news. They do not check a newspaper, television, or websites anymore; they look at what is trending on Twitter. They don’t look in a magazine for articles, they share them on Facebook. Not only this, but it has changed who is writing the news and how stories are told, “Regardless of the outlet, the rise of technology in our society has allowed for voices of regular people to be heard by millions of people within seconds.” (Rong Lim, 2015). Because of this, news stories now have more human faces, and actual dialogue from those who experience them. But, it also means that stories are sometimes told before all the facts are in, leading to chaos.

Overall, social media has become something in which professionals have used to make themselves seem more personal to clients and people use to make themselves feel more important. It is systems in which people throw their genuine selves out the window and make a better version appear on the screen. It is something our generation originated, but older ones have adapted, making us seem superficial while they are business savvy for using the same technique.


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